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Pressure Washing & Older Homes

Pressure washing older homes

For many homeowners, pressure washing your outside surfaces is an easy way to keep your property in good condition for future generations. But what about individuals who have come to buy an older home or those who have kept their home in good shape for decades but aren't ready to replace their siding or shingles?

In such cases, a professional pressure washing business that knows its stuff would propose soft washing rather than the standard high-pressure washing that is normally provided by pressure washing services. Using soft washing can prevent further deterioration and prolong that last little bit of life your exterior surface has in it.

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What Exactly Is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a pressure washing procedure that is distinct from the typical high-pressure approach.

While regular pressure washing utilizes highly pressurized levels that can exceed 3,000 psi, soft washing uses a gentler approach with pressure comparable to a very strong garden hose. Furthermore, cleaning solvents and chemical agents are commonly used to do a majority of the work in soft washing.

This method is most commonly used for cleaning roofs, but it can also be used to clean wood, glass, painted or treated surfaces, and siding. Having said that, it is easy to see how soft washing is really an excellent candidate for those who have older homes or outdoor structures.

What Is Considered Old?

This varies depending on the structure you're referring to.

  • House siding made of vinyl. An older house's vinyl siding will often be discolored or somewhat distorted as a consequence of prolonged sun exposure, which is an indicator that it is extremely old and requires special care.
  • Shingles or tiles. Shingles, like siding, may discolor from the sun, and there may be "bald areas" in the particles of your shingles. This is a more difficult problem to address because shingles should be changed when they reach that age. In fact, aged roof tiles can raise your energy usage and generate higher electricity or gas costs. At Dirt Defenders LLC, we take very special care when performing roof cleaning on aged roofs.
  • Driveway and sidewalks. These paved surfaces are often not as fragile as the aforementioned constructions. With that said, even if your pavement has some cracks or fading, it is typically safe to use a conventional pressure level on it.

If you believe your property requires a delicate soft washing touch of a pressure washing specialist, please contact Dirt Defenders LLC right away.

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