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Recent Tips and Articles by Dirt Defenders LLC

Increasing Your Curb Appeal With Pressure Washing

Curb appeal is a powerful tool for almost everybody. Home and business owners alike can benefit from properly maintaining the exterior of their properties through pressure washing that ensures that exterior materials will last a lifetime and the property overall will be welcoming and approachable. This […]

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Pressure Washing & Older Homes

For many homeowners, pressure washing your outside surfaces is an easy way to keep your property in good condition for future generations. But what about individuals who have come to buy an older home or those who have kept their home in good shape for decades […]

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Understanding Soft Washing

As you learn more about pressure washing and how it can help your home or business, you've probably come across an unfamiliar term: soft washing. While it is easy to deduce what it might be, the specifics can be hard to find. Let's take a look. With […]

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